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My S'pore Trip - Day 19 - New Years Day

For New Year's day, it started off with a big breakfast, and the family coming over and red packets and oranges being exchanged.

My parents are vegetarians on the first day of the New Year, hence there's only one dish with meat.

Here are the Folks

My sister and her family

My Aunt and her family

This is my father's second brother. Oh the guy on the left is my cousin who is a year younger and this was the first time I've seen him in 15 years.

This i my Dad's oldest sister who is pushing 76 and going strong.

And that's me stuffing my face wich a dish I've not had for over 15 years. Its basically Ha bee (Dried Chilli Shrimp) with large pieces of pork.

All in, we were out for about 5-6 hours visiting. Sadly I neglected to take copious amount of pictures.

Dinner was another feast. The new dish is called Pong Tau Hu which I had a hand in helping make. The balls are chicken, shrimp and tofu, cooked in prawn stock and chinese turnip. Its sooo good.

And even a little cake for after dinner.

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