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My S'pore Trip - Day 13

On Tuesday night (20th Jan - Day 13) me and the folks went out for Peranakan food. We went to IVIN'S which is supposed to serve decent food, but to me horror, it was one of the worst dining experiences I've had since being back in Singapore.

The service was terrible, the waiters took over 30mins to bring out the food, the couple at the table beside us, walked out because they had been waiting over 45mins.

When you order several dishes to be eaten with rice, you expect all the dishes to be served with the rice. But no. We got some dishes first, several dishes about 15mins later and yet another 10 mins later and we also canceled the Itek tim (Duck with salted Veg) because we had already finished the meal and despite reminding the waiters to check on our order on 3 separate occasions, it still had not come out.

On top of that, none of the waiters seemed to communicate with each other. We ordered an extra bowl of rice and had to ask 3 different waiters before one finally came to us.

Finally, the worst offense was the food. Bad service is forgivable if the food is at least decent. This was not the case. IVIN'S serves very TINY portions (although at cheaper prices) but there was not a single dish that was passable. Let's take the simplest dish we ordered, Bean sprouts fried with salted fish. How the hell do you screw up that dish? What we got was very oily Bean sprouts with pieces of salted fish added in. The taste of salted fish was not cooked into the dish, it was only present in the actual pieces of fish.

I'll be frank, it will be a COLD DAY in HADES before I ever go back there, and I highly recommend that no one bother with that sad excuse for a restaurant, especially in the food paradise that is Singapore.

IVIN'S. See it and run.

This was Chai Poh Omelet. It was decent. Perhaps the only decent dish.

Ayam Bua Keluk. I don't expect restaurants to excel at this dish but most give a fairly decent attempt. In this dish, there was hardly any taste of Bua Keluk, and wayyy too much asam (sour) cooked into a dish which should not have any asam. Worst of all, there were 2 Bua Keluk seeds. One of them contained a whole Bua Keluk. If you're not familiar with the dish, you're supposed to dig out the flesh in the seed and pound it, cook it, then restuff it back into the seed. This was a whole Bua Keluk fruit, it was whole. And let me tell you, that is some bitter shit if its not pounded and cooked.

We had Neo Hiang that looked like it was re-fried several times, not to mention dry and .... just not pleasant.

On the right we have the Bean Sprout with salted fish (which I already complained about) and on the left we have Ayam Rempah Goreng. Look, if you order anything with the word Rempah in it, you expect sauce. Savoury sauce. Some dumb shit basically gave us fried chicken coated in a sweetish batter. There was NO Rempah.

Wednesday I went out for some hawker food. Here's a good old fashioned Mee Poh.

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