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My S'pore Trip - Day 14 - 15

On Wed, 21st jan, I met an Poh Kok, old buddy for lunch at an Indian restaurant at Vivo City. It was a buffet lunch and pretty good.

This is Poh Kok. He's looking good, he's also turned into a gym rat of sorts.

The nun was good.

I won't mention all the dishes they had but I did 2 rounds of the buffet and was pretty happy after.

The desert surprised me. I don't typically like Indian deserts but aside from the Ice Cream and fruit, that orangy blog is a sweet warm Indian desert which I did enjoy.

After lunch, I walked a little on Orchard road. Here's a shot of it. C K Tang's is still prominent after over 20 years.

Dinner was again with some friends, this time from JC. Chan Wee and Ian.

We went to a fairly new roadside stall that does seafood, near Serangoon Gardens.

Black Pepper Crab was the main dish, and I have to admit, I'm usually too lazy to bother with crabs, its a hassle to eat but this was quite good. I especially liked the crab roe, its been a while since I've had the pleasure.

Fried Tofu with Pork floss on it.

Fish slices stir fried with spring onions.

Sambal Kangkong.

Over all a decent meal, the crabs were excellent, and the conversation good.

Dinner on Thursday was Teo Chew Porridge (except we had rice).

There was so much variety to choose from. and everything looked good.

I won't list everything we ordered, you either know it on sight or your don't. I will say that the Pig Innerds and Chicken Curry were especially good.

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